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Download Game Air Strike 3D

Download Game Air Strike 3D

Download Game Air Strike 3D

Air Strike 3D is a war game against a terrorist network called NITO. By driving a combat helicopter, players are tasked with destroying operational bases and a number of weapons factories owned by the network.

To undergo the mission, initially the helicopter used by the player was only equipped with a machine gun. As the battles get tougher, the types of helicopters that players can choose from will increase and the helicopter weaponry facilities can also be upgraded to fight increasingly aggressive enemies.

Pattern Game Air Strike 3D

Throughout the game, players will face various combat units such as tanks, warships, helicopters, and anti-air weapon systems that will launch missiles continuously.

The player's helicopter will not be destroyed immediately if hit by enemy fire, only the status of the health bar decreases according to the level of damage. The health bar itself can be restored by picking up health bonuses that sometimes appear during battle.

If the player's helicopter is destroyed, there are still two lives that can be used by the player to complete the level of the game that is being taken.

Helicopter armament

The player can choose the weapon that will be used to destroy the opponent. The following are some of the types of weapons available to players:

  • Multiple missiles.
  • The missile has a guidance system for locking on and chasing targets.
  • Plasma gun to shower enemies with plasma bullets.
  • A wave gun that uses energy projectiles to finish off multiple enemies at once.
  • A machine gun with never-ending bullets.
  • Cluster bombs that scatter dozens of bombs to slaughter enemies who are concentrated in an area.
  • A powerful laser beam to destroy enemy combat units but requires recharge after firing.

Game difficulty level

Air Strike 3D can be played with different difficulty levels. For players who like challenges, you can try the Nightmare level which is the highest difficulty level. This level makes the player's health bar quickly decrease even though it is only hit by a few enemy shots.

The helicopter's resistance to enemy fire is much stronger at the beginner level. Even if you are hit by a bullet repeatedly, the impact on your health bar is insignificant. Even so, it can still recover quickly because bonus health is quite often found on the battlefield.

Download Game Air Strike 3D

The battlefields that have to be passed by players are varied enough so that it is not boring. Sometimes players have to fight in very foggy terrain, in snowy areas, and sometimes also have to storm the enemy at night.

Wherever the battlefield is, hundreds of whirring bullets will always decorate the computer screen accompanied by sound effects that can make enough adrenaline pumping, especially if the difficulty level being played is the Nightmare level. Download the latest and free Air Strike 3D Game via the link below: