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Download Plants vs Zombies 3.1

Download Plants vs Zombies

Download Plants vs Zombies 3.1

Have you ever played Plants vs Zombies? Maybe some of you will answer 'Yes' because Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular games at that time. This game is a tower defense game launched by PopCap.

This game was launched for Windows and Mac devices and also its parent company, Electronic Arts, which is for android users.

When Plants vs Zombies was first introduced, this game immediately made many people curious to play it. When this game is actually played, the players immediately feel that this game is indeed very exciting and challenging.

As the name implies, this game is a battle between plants and zombies. Later, zombies will attack the house and you as a player must protect your house by placing plants to face these zombies.

Since it was first introduced on May 5, 2009, many people have played this game. Maybe until now there are still computer users or Android cellphones who are nostalgic with the excitement of playing Plants vs Zombies.

Game System In Plants vs Zombies

In the Plants vs Zombies game, players are required to choose plants and mushrooms then put them in front of the house or in a different area depending on the level or level. The purpose of placing these plants and mushrooms is none other than to dispel and fight so that zombies cannot enter the house. Plants that are used to attack also have various types.

There are plants whose role is to attack by firing. There are also plants that are installed as defenses to buy time so that zombies cannot immediately eat the attacking plants. For the final defense, there are lawn mowers and pool cleaners that can immediately kill zombies in one line.

Apart from plants, zombies also have their own types. There are zombies who just walk while eating what is in front of them. There are zombies that run and jump and there are even zombies that fly over the plants. What is not unique is that there are zombies that are styled like Michael Jackson but are replaced with disco zombies for the Game of the Year version which can take zombies out of the ground.

Download Plants vs Zombies untuk PC Windows

All the fun that Plants vs Zombies has to offer makes it very popular. Those who play it range from children to adults. This proves that Plants vs Zombies is a game that can reach all ages.

The main game mode for Plants vs Zombies is Adventure Mode. Once you've reached several levels, you can play Puzzle Mode and Mini-games with no less fun than the adventure version. Then, when you have finished or finished this game, then you can play Survival Mode. Download the newest and free Plants vs Zombies for Windows PC: