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Download Stronghold Crusader 1.1

Download Stronghold Crusader

Download Stronghold Crusader 1.1

Stronghold Crusader is a game that is popular with all groups, especially young people. For those who are used to playing this game, they will not find any definite obstacles. However, for someone who is playing Stronghold Crusader for the first time, it is not uncommon for them to encounter many obstacles that can stop them from continuing this game.

Actually, playing Stronghold Crusader can be said to be tricky. To help you easily play the Stronghold Crusader game, we will provide some important tips and tricks.

Tips for Playing Stronghold Crusader

Some tips that you need to pay attention to before playing Stronghold Crusader are as follows:

  • When you're first starting out, don't forget to set up a food supply area and a market.
  • Then, you install several wood cutters of approximately 3 to 4 people.
  • Don't forget to install the fields because later they will act as food-producing places for the villagers.
  • If you find stone, iron, and other mines around the palace, don't forget to immediately install a mining machine.
  • Install a place to make a soldier
  • Create a tower that you will later place in the place of the enemy who wants to go to your place. Install the ladder, and make the soldiers ready for duty for archery and of course you have to put it on top.
  • When you are short of stone or wood, you can buy it in the market that you have built when you first played this game.
  • When you automatically lose villagers and soldiers, immediately build houses in numbers of 2 to 3. Do not be too much, or there will be insufficient food supplies for all the villagers.
  • If you use the villagers as soldiers, they will not be depleted. However, if you use villagers such as carpenters and farmers, it will reduce the population, so you are forced to build more houses.
  • We suggest you better turn the villagers into soldiers. If there are enough archers, turn the villagers into agricultural laborers and so on.
  • If all you have done, now is the time to attack. We advise you not to attack immediately. You better prepare money to collect barack to build soldiers and armed them with cool weapons.
  • After building the barack, proceed with building a weapon storage area. Just 2 to 3.
  • If your kingdom is located not far from an iron mine, this will be an advantage in itself. Why? Because you can immediately build a weapon manufacturing site. If there are not enough weapons compartments, you can build again.
  • For those of you who don't want to make weapons, you can buy weapons in the form of swords and armor on the market.
  • Do not use hussar as they are unable to climb up.
  • While making strong warriors, make ballistas and catapults as well. To do this, create an engineering troop and use them to make catapults and ballistas. You can also use them to control the catapults and ballistas.
  • Remember, when the catapult manages to destroy the wall, then immediately stop it so it doesn't hit your soldiers.